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Dampness with musty smell

Warstones Road, Wolverhampton

Skirting board affected by decay and wood weevil.

Skirting board affected by decay and wood weevil.

We recently completed the remedial works on this property to our specification, findings were dampness to the front wall with owners complaining of a strong damp musty smell, these were 2 separate issues the rising damp was caused by the deterioration of the existing slate damp proof course enabling the damp to rise up the front wall causing staining to the wall plaster, and affect the skirting board with moisture causing it to rot.

Clay air brick front

Clay air brick front

The musty damp smell was caused by inadequate ventilation under the timber suspended floor, we removed the existing sub-floor clay ventilators and found a wasp nest blocking the air passage and dust that had accumulated over the years blocking the other 2 pathways this is a common problem with the original clay brick air vents as the holes are not large enough for the air flow, we re-placed the these vents with plastic which are easy to maintain and gives a better air circulation under the timber floor which will help prevent the musty damp smell.

Clair air vent back

Clay air brick back

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