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Dry Rot

To avoid  Dry Rot regular upkeep and maintenance is essential to ensure the comfort and curb appeal of any home. However, in spite of regular care, fungal infestation may damage the wooden structure of your building. If left untreated, fungal decay may lead to a structural failure of floor and roof timbers. At Preservit Ltd., we specialise in dry rot treatments. Utilising our deep expertise and moisture meters, we not only locate dry rot, but also eliminate the underlying cause of the outbreak. To restrict the damage, our experts replace defective timber and undertake repairs where necessary to ensure optimal structural strength and stability. Dry rot is caused by a wood destroying fungus that impacts the strength and integrity of the wooden structure. Without proper wood rot treatment, dry rot can progress very rapidly, leading to a rot outbreak. Dry rot can occur in any part of the home where there is moisture or dampness present. At Preservit Ltd., we have a team of experts who have an extensive experience in dry rot treatments.

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